Day 71

Algebra: Chapter 8 Review

Test tomorrow!

Math-8, Chapter 6-4, p 289

Dividing Fractions

Two numbers whose product is `1` are multiplicative inverses or RECIPROCALS of each other. So `2` and `1/2` are reciprocals.

In symbols, for a fraction `a/b`,  and its reciprocal, `b/a`, the product is `(a/b)*(b/a)=1`

To divide fractions, we first change the `÷` sign into a `×` sign and then flip (or invert) the 2nd fraction. In words, to divide a fraction, multiply by its multiplicative inverses.

In symbols, for fractions `a/b` and `c/d`, `(a/b)/(c/d)=(a/b) * (d/c)`

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