Day 66

Algebra: Chapter 8-3, p 367

The Addition Method

Another technique to solve systems of equations is the Addition (or Subtraction) Method. In this approach, line up (vertically) both equations and see if you can eliminate one of the variables (x or y) when you either add or subtract both equations.

Sometimes, neither variable can be eliminated when adding or subtracting. If this happens, then we can use the multiplication property for equations that states that we can “multiply each side of an equation by the same number and still have a true equation”. We sometimes have to use the multiplication property on both equations as well.

This technique looks harder than it is, just practice and bring questions to class. Here is a link with more examples. 

Math 8, Chapter  5 Review, p 266

We are reviewing Chapter 5 by using the review at the end of the Chapter. In addition, we are working on the Chapter 5, Version 1 of the test for homework for review. Bring questions tomorrow prior to the start of the Chapter test!

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