Are your using the RIMUSD Algebra textbook from Prentice Hall, titled Algebra 1, copyright 2001? Do you need some Algebra help (it doesn't matter if you're using a different textbook) or would like me to do some of the homework problems for you? Then just click away below!

  • NEW - Rim High Media Algebra 1 "How-to's", step-by-step and nicely organized!
  • My Math Blog has notes for every lesson in the textbook that you may find useful.
  • My Math Videos are video step-by-step solutions to 2 of the problems for EACH LESSON in the textbook, they are organized by lesson number and also by concept type. Just click on the video or lesson that you need. Enjoy!

Other sites that will help as well!

  • will do tonight's odd problems step-by-step for you. You can find the password on the Algebra page (down at the bottom).
  • will also do tonight’s problems step-by-step! The username is “mphstudent4” through “mphstudent79” and the password is “123456”, all without the quotations. You can choose to be any student from 4 through 79!
  • Renaissance Learning - you MUST be inside the MPH network to access your STAR Math account!
  • Khan Academy - OMG, lots of lessons, practice and other KOOL stuff - ALL FOR FREE!
  • Manga High - Where math is just a GAME!
  • Edmodo - Social Learning Network for Students and Teachers!
  • That QUIZ - enter the CODE that MrE gives you!