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Kool Places for HELP!
  1. Algebra Slide Show Help Site, Powerpoint charts for our Prentice Hall textbook!
  2. Create a Graph! check out this KOOL TOOL!
  3. 8th Grade Textbook - Prentice Hall Publisher online resources
  4. 7th Grade Textbook - Glencoe Publisher online resources
  5. Algebra Cheat Sheet
  6. DRT (distance = rate * time) problems
  7. Purple Math
  8. Middle School Math
  9. Algebra Notes (pdf and Powerpoint files)
  10. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Kool Visuals!
  11. No Matter What Shape Your Fractions are In
  12. Basic Math Practice
  14. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
  15. Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
  16. World Wide Math Tutor
  17. S.O.S. Math
  18. Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
  19. College Preparatory Mathematics
  21. Project Interactive
  22. AlgeBasics!
  23. MathGoodies
  24. Academic Skill Builders

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