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Thanksgiving Week – 2011, Waikoloa

Friday, November 25

Day to pack and get ready for the trip back home to the mountains. A relaxing and low stress week!

Thursday, November 24

Nice leisurely day with breakfast at the Marriott. Waitress staff was very nice and had a small mousse for the birthday boy!

Dinner at home with all the trimmings. Turkey, ham, yams, potatoes, jello salad and cranberries! Yummy! Watched a movie, “The Change Up”, it was light and ok.

Nice to have a Thanksgiving dinner with the kids all together as a four-some.

Wednesday, November 23

Spa day for the girls and beach day for the guys. The girls went to the Mauna Lani spas and across from their parking lot is a beach access to a nice beach on the Mauna Lani property. We played “War with Words” while they were in the spa, it took that long.

Tuesday, November 22

Kona Boat Rental cruise up the coast toward Waikoloa to check out the whales. Nice ride but no whales. Dolphins and manta rays we got to see but … alas no whales. 1/2 day boat fee is 325.00 plus about 58.00 for gas.

Dinner at KPC, Sandy had pasta and shrimp, Rosie had the lobster bisque, Doug had the mahi-mahi and I had the ahi.  We have concluded that KPC has great atmosphere and good pu-pus but the dinner meals are just OK. Stay away from the steak and stick with the fish. The mahi was dry and over cooked. My ahi was actually pretty good.

Dessert was a nice flambe type of thing, nice to share for the birthday boy.

Monday, November 21

Supposed to go out on the Kona Boat Rentals but Doug wasn’t feeling well so we moved it to tomorrow.

Decided to have breakfast at home, waffles.

Lunch was at Eddie Aikau in the King’s Village. It was OK, not great but there are GREAT reviews on this place. Went strolling in both villages, not much to them really. Doug wants to come back on Thursday for a sale.

Dinner was wine and cheese due to the late lunch.

Sunday, November 20
Church at Annunciation in Waimea, breakfast at the Paniolo Country Inn, chicken fried steak special. We were luck and Fr. Bob and Deacon Larry were at the 8:00 Mass. Fr. Bob delivered the homily, it was uplifting – all about Mercy.

Lilikoi pie in the making. Dinner was ahi tuna from the Foodland. It was good, but not as good as from the Village Market.

Saturday, November 19
No hot water and a dead battery in the Subaru! Hot water was a switch in the fuse panel being off and AAA brought a new battery after a jump start got it started but not accepting the charge. Oh well, $100 and a 3-year warranty installed. I forgot that the water heater is ELECTRIC and someone flipped the switch to OFF overnight. The refrigerator was also OFF.

Off to Kona to see the latest Twilight movie and dinner at KBC. Groceries at Safeway and home!

Friday, November 18
The kids came in last night from Oakland and Sacramento, pretty much on time. Brought them home and relaxed and celebrated their successes at school and now at work (for Douglas – at Ahart Aviation.)

Packed up early Friday morning, left about 10:00 a.m. and got to LAX for our 2:00 Delta flight 1299 to Kona. Little traffic to the airport and we were at Wally Park by 11:30 or so. Curbside baggage check and time for McDonald’s and relaxing in the Delta Sky lounge for a while. Flight landed about 5:30 p.m., again on time and our shuttle driver Tim Terzy, from Adventurous Limousine was waiting for us.

Our food from Honey Baked was in the refrigerator and we wander overt Banjy’s for a Friday night dinner. Prime rib special for $24.99 wasn’t too bad and Sandy and I split it. Doug had the fish and chips and Rosie had the prime rib sandwich.

Time for bed!